As promised, here is the second part of French Truly’s Trip to Lyon photo album!

(In case you missed last week’s first part of the trip, click HERE.)

Last week you saw us enjoying the beauty & richness of Lyon on its medieval & Renaissance streets, discovering its silk industry, Virgin dedicated Basilica, and typical “bouchon lyonnais”, exploring the golden landscapes, vines, and castles of le Beaujolais, and learning all about the glorious Roman past of Vienne!

This week you’re about to see Pérouges an authentic walled in medieval village, Lyon’s most famous invention, gastronomy, fine arts, and magical markets along the river Saône, Côte du Rhône winery Stéphane Ogier, & charming French countryside in a 200,000 acres regional park. Vous êtes prêt?

Day 6: Pérouges

Starting in Pérouges, a medieval fortress village perched on the top of a hill. The guide told us that even though a Lord used to own the land and have one castle on it, he decided to have it demolished and simply give his land to the inhabitants around! This allowed them to no longer being serfs but bourgeois! A serf is pretty much like a slave. A bourgeois originally is a free person who lives in a bourg (town), is not a peasant, can have his own business and therefore earn money. So, in the 12th century, these brand new bourgeois built their own village yet kept the walls all around it for protection. Today the village is almost intact and it is absolutely gorgeous! We had some delicious lunch ending with the famous “Galette de Pérouges” and hopped on our private mini bus to head back to sunny Lyon… oh life is hard!

… and in the afternoon we all enjoyed some free time!

Some of us walked along the Rhône, some did some shopping in chic boutiques, some went to Croix Rousse, a lovely neighborhood on a Lyon hill where the silk industry flourished in the 19th century. (I did not take the next 3 pictures, my iphone went on strike)





Day 7: Lyon’s markets & Fine Arts

Art theme! First the glorious Marché Saint Antoine (food is an art!) along the river Saône, I am yet to find a prettier setting. Then we cross the bridge to find the Marché de la Création: lots of local artists, mainly paintings and sculptures. Then the Bouquiniste, a book market, mostly gorgeous leather bound. Oh and my mother was interviewed by some French TV program! Super Star.






After the food market, we crossed the bridge to find the Marché de la Création: lots of local artists, mainly paintings and sculptures. Then the bouquiniste, a book market, mostly gorgeous leather bound.





It is time for lunch in a typical and highly rated bouchon lyonnais “Le Mercière”. Amazing food! Next, on to the stunning and huge Fine Arts Museum, my favorite.

Let’s end with a fabulous boat ride on the Saône around the Île Barbe! Lyon est très romantique 🙂






Day 8: Côtes du Rhône & Pilat

French Gastronomy day! Delicious wine tasting in the middle of the Côtes-Rôties vines at Stéphane Ogier’s domain where my great friend Julie works, followed by a gorgeous lunch in my mom’s best friend’s typical Pilat (French national park) farmhouse, ending with a visit of Pélussin, adorable little medieval village when I grew up before moving to Vienne! Are you ready? 🙂 starting with the wine…




We continued with a gorgeous lunch in my mother’s best friend’s typical Pilat (French regional park) farmhouse! Un grand merci to our hosts Marie-France & Gilles Daniel!






… ending with Pélussin, an adorable little medieval village in the heart of the Pilat (Regional Park) where I grew up. I hated it as a little girl and now I want to move back I love it so much! I wanted to be a city girl and now I just want green, space, peace & quiet… and Pépito the donkey!


(I didn’t take the above picture)






Day 9: Lyon Paul Bocuse & Frères Lumière

Gastronomy & glorious men from Lyon! A mix of Michelin starred chef Paul Bocuse & les Frères Lumière, who invented the cinéma with their cinématographe in 1895. First thing in the morning let’s head to les Halles Paul Bocuse, a fabulous food shopping center. We had quite the breakfast! Then direction Musée Lumière in the stunning art déco family home of the Lumière. Free afternoon followed by a fabulous dinner at a Paul Bocuse restaurant called Marguerite!

Les Halles Paul Bocuse








Musée Lumière

Did you know cinema was invented in Lyon in 1895 by the brothers Lumière? This stunning art déco museum, which used to be their family home, follows the Lumière, their various inventions, their glorious lives, and of course the history of cinema. Fascinating place. (half of these pictures come from the internet)






Time to say good bye but not until our dinner at Marguerite, a Paul Bocuse restaurant located on the Avenue des Frères Lumière, only a short walk away from our hotel. Do you notice a strong ressemblance between the museum house and the now restaurant house? The above house transformed into the Musée Lumière was the parents and the below house belonged to one of the brothers and his wife: Auguste et… Marguerite!



IMG_4627 (1)

What a special time I had with all of you! We made a fantastic and fun group of women, and one man lucky Richard! We had wonderful adventures, we explored, discovered, ate, drank, learned, and connected with locals everywhere we went!

Want to experience France’s secrets with a fun group of women and create wonderful new friendships?

We are going again in April 2017! Click HERE for more info.

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