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…your French friend Virginie helping you become a little bit French! I am so honored to share my beautiful language, culture, & country with you!

Imagine a world where cultures understand, respect, and accept each other.

Where differences are celebrated and spark everybody’s curiosity. That’s what I want and that’s how I love to contribute to this world.

After growing up in France and then living abroad (Turin Italy, London UK, and Seattle US) for 14 years, I like to call myself a proud citizen of the world who truly understands the concept of diving into a new culture and language.

Repeated personal experiences have taught me how intimidating, humbling, yet exciting the learning curve can be. That’s why I know exactly how to help you along that path!

French Truly is the only company designed to satisfy your French curiosity on these three levels:

Every single one of these aspects are lovingly and thoughtfully crafted by me for you.

My work is just like me: an unusual combination of educational, entertaining, and meticulous. I am constantly creating new material for you to listen to, to watch, to converse, to read, and to write in French.

If you want to work on your French but don’t want to revisit your old school days filled with sterile text books and strange dry content (the cat is on the table?), you have landed in the right place because it’s not my style and I guess if you’re here, it isn’t yours either!

The French immersion courses.

Organized and guided by me so you can rest assured that your course will be 100% authentic full of original fully French adventures with carefully selected French people for you to meet, enjoy, and practice your French with.

Learn French Online - Virginie Paradis

Here’s where I come from!

A lovely little Roman town in eastern France called Vienne, 30 minutes south of Lyon. If you haven’t already visited this part of France… how about I take you with me on my next trip?

I believe that passion for teaching goes hand in hand with passion for learning.

I am a student just like you so the question I always ask myself when I create a new video, a new product, a new presentation is “If I was to learn everything I can about Brazil, how would I love to do it? What would work best? What would always feel like fun and never feel like a chore? What would make me feel super confident and closer to Brazilians?”. How could I teach if you couldn’t put myself in your shoes?

What do I love?

When I started French Truly in 2013, I realized that all my passions: philosophy (working on my PhD) & literature, history & geopolitics, exploring foreign languages & cultures, even opera singing & meditation were in fact a fabulous strength and opportunity to build on and create the most encompassing French experience for you!

How can I concretely help you become a little bit French?

Very simple!

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French Tutor Virginie Paradise

You’ve read the whole page, c’est magnifique!

I’m curious about you too so make sure to become part of the French Truly community by entering your name and email. That’s the best way for us to stay in touch and for you to receive your free weekly French Truly videos and music posts every Thursday.

Merci beaucoup for taking the time to read all this! I’m so excited to start helping you Become a little bit French!

Merci et bonne journée!
Your new French tutor Virginie xo

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Become a little bit
in 3 easy steps

Learn how to incorporate frenchness in your every day life with this free 3 step mini course

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