Lyon. Two millions inhabitants. Second biggest city in France.

Stunning, cultured, sophisticated, yet often neglected by visitors. Mais pourquoi? C’est fou!

I am from Lyon and I love it! I know it inside out! And I want to make YOU discover it too!

As part of the trip to Lyon & surroundings my French mother (who lives in Vienne, right next to Lyon) and I are organizing and guiding in September 2016, I decided to share with you some really cool and inspiring facts about Lyon!

(Our trip to Lyon is selling out! 10 people max for a intimate and truly connected experience, and we only have 3 spots left so get in touch if you’re interested! If we have more than 3 people, we will offer a second trip at the beginning of October 2016. Click here for more info, price, and itinerary)

Last month, I told you about the incredible Fête des Lumières that happens every December 8th, today I want to tell you about les Frères Lumière and their invention that changed so many lives all around the world including YOURS!!! Mais qu’est-ce que c’est??

BTW, the fact that the word “Lumière” comes out twice is a total coincidence! Although there’s definitely a theme should you look a little deeper…

Here is how Lyon and the Frères Lumière changed your life:

So the Frères Lumière, lumière which means light how very à propos, invented le cinéma in 1895 and of course in Lyon!

Their family home is now a wonderful musée du cinéma so when you visit it you get to learn all about the Brothers Lumière’s inventions but also you see where and how they lived. Truly a beautiful and special experience. The neighborhood is also called Lumière / Monplaisir and it’s lovely, very French, away yet close to the more central and touristic parts of Lyon, you enjoy life as an authentic Lyonnais and not as a tourist when you stay here.

That is why my mother and I chose this area for our Trip to Lyon & Surroundings in September! You’ll be right next to stylish & lively avenues full of pâtisseries, boulangeries, rôtisseries, épiceries, benches on green plazas, all sorts of cute French stores! Charming and relaxing.

But back to our Frères Lumière! Here is the very first movie ever made that I mention in my video:

Et voici une interview avec Thierry Frémaux, le Directeur du musée, l’Institut Lumière:

Vous avez compris? Vous comprenez tout ce qu’il explique sur Lyon et pourquoi il aime tellement cette ville?

Moi je suis tout à fait d’accord avec lui. Et vous?

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