Want to travel to Lyon with me?

Let’s start with a virtual visit today… followed by a real trip next September 2016!

You are not super familiar with Lyon? Well, you should be! So let me fix that! Today we are starting a “Did you know…?” theme about Lyon! For every “Did you know…?” episode, I will teach you something wonderful and cultural about Lyon! Today is your first one so I made it extra special.

Pourquoi Lyon? Several reasons.

1- Lyon is a stunning, sophisticated, & stylish city (the second biggest in France after Paris and it’s a lot less touristy)

2- Lyon is where I come from

3- Lyon is where my French mother and I plan to take you on a fantastic trip 

Just think. We both come from Lyon. I grew up there, she lives there, can you get better experts anywhere?

Tuesday was December 8th. This may mean nothing to you, but to us Lyonnais, it means A LOT! Why? The answer is in this video so have fun, I guarantee you you’ve never seen anything like it EVER.

It all started in 1643 when a nasty plague was destroying Lyon and its inhabitants. The desperate Lyonnais decided to ask la Vierge Marie for help and promised her a great act of gratitude if she could get rid of the horrible epidemic. Guess what? It worked! When the plague disappeared around the same time, it was decided Marie was responsible and therefore had saved the city! This was the beginning of a long and beautiful100% lyonnaise tradition. It started with a procession in the 17th century. Today, it looks like this. Get ready it’s beyond amazing:

Wasn’t that incredible?

Aren’t you aching for Lyon right now??

I have some good news for you. My mother and I will be your French guides for 10 days in our beautiful Lyon and its incredible surroundings, too often missed by American travelers.

Even though Lyon is the 2nd biggest city of France, it is not an obvious destination and I want to change this! Think I’m biased? You tell me!


Lyon is the Capital of Gastronomy

Lyon is the Birth Place of Cinema

Lyon is the home of 2000 years of History

Lyon is the Silk Capital of the World

It is beautiful, it is cultured, it is stylish, it is dynamic.

Not to mention its charming surroundings: the Beaujolais wine region, the Roman Vienne, the Medieval Pérouges, the world famous Côtes-Rôties, the quaint Pilat. That’s where I grew up and that’s where my mother lives.

We love it, we know it inside out, and we want to share it all with you!




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