You asked for SUMMER 2019 Full French Immersions Courses? Here they are!


When I lived in the US, I heard so many people share their disappointment about their trip to France…

Did they not like it? Nooo they loved it!

But, most of them found it hard to practice their French with locals because French people just want to speak English nowadays! After hearing this complaint countless times, I decided to change my cultural trips  into immersion courses, in the beautiful & bucolic French countryside!

This is what your course will look like

For 7 days you will speak only French, among yourselves, with me who will be there with you the whole time, and with all the French people you will meet.

Every morning is dedicated to French class and then for the rest of the day, you put your theory into practice via all sorts of fun activities with me & the locals: artists, artisans, farmers, entrepreneurs, wine makers, friends & family. We will visit their workshops, their farms, we will take a soap making class, a cooking class, both organic, and an art class. All from locals.

It’s all about confidence…

Such an experience brings knowledge of course but also confidence, which is key when learning to communicate in a foreign language.

I know from experience the difference that one week can make, only one week, if you are truly determined, motivated, and positive.

Now, when are the immersion courses happening?

2018 SEPT 10 – 16: Intermediate level (SOLD OUT)
2018 SEPT 24 – 30: Beginner level (4 SPOTS LEFT)

2019 JUL 8 – 14: Intermediate level (8 SPOTS LEFT)
2019 JUL 22 – 28: Beginner level (6 SPOTS LEFT)

I like to keep things small and intimate so the maximum amount of participants for each group is 8.

Meet the locals

And in case you didn’t know yet, to accompany my immersion courses, I interview locals in French and add French subtitles so it’s easier for you to understand and retain the language. Here are some of them in case you’ve missed one!








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