Ok you probably will… Fine I don’t care!

Yes it is silly, but it is also a very efficient to quickly improve your French in a non chore way. So here is what I want to do this week. 

In the last couple of weeks, I have oddly been asked the same question over and over again: “What can I do to feel better about my French? How do I go beyond this plateau level I’ve reached? I need to practice more but I don’t know how?”

Feels familiar? So I have found a special little something to help you every day and in a fun way. If it’s going to be every day it’s better not be a daunting scary chore…

I titled this blog post “Promise you won’t laugh at me…” because it’s kind of ridiculous. But it works! How do I know? Because I underwent the exact same experience to improve my English and I guarantee you the growth was exponential! So remember your promise and don’t laugh at me ok?

I have found on YouTube all the episodes of a super dumb yet great French sitcom called Les Filles d’à Côté (the girls next door or the girl / female neighbors) I used to watch when I was about 10. I loved it so much I used to record it every evening on a cassette tape so I could listen to it at bed time! Now here’s why I want you to watch (and love) it too:

-Every episode is 25 minutes long with a precise wrapped up theme

-It is not exactly intellectual, in other words, it’s not too hard to comprehend

-Every action is shown, explained, overly exaggerated, again it really helps to follow

-Every character is a stereotype and you know context is everything

-It’s silly but it’s also fun and produced theatrically, which makes it very entertaining

-It’s full of every day phrases, expressions, situations, that you will get to experience through these actors over and over again

-Oh and there is one American man in the story… all the women are in love with him ha!

If you’ve come to any of my events, salons, trips, groups, you know that sitcoms are not exactly ma tasse de thé.


Trust the girl who became an au pair in London at 18 years old and who wanted to die after being dumped in a yuk family who, among other strange things, simply left their kids in front of Disney channel all day. I was miserable, bored, and horribly disappointed. Until I decided to try and be positive. How? By watching and listen very closely to everything that came my way, no matter how dumb. I cannot tell you how it helped my English and my confidence. Something just clicked in my head.

I found a this YouTube with all the episodes, neatly organized, in order. Pas mal, n’est-ce pas?

Let me know when you’re hooked! I know you will be… enjoy!

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