I decided to do something a little different this week and I think you are going to LOVE it!

If you’ve signed up for my free 3 STEP MINI COURSE TO HELP YOU BECOME A LITTLE BIT FRENCH, you’ve noticed that I’ve added some French radio links there because it’s one more great way to immerse yourself in the French language learning experience and let your brains soak it all in!


“But the radio is so hard to understand!”

I know I know radio is hard because it’s fast. But what if I gave you a way to read what you heard? Would you find it easier then? Would you be more inclined to give it another try?

I have found these 3 links for you from a super famous French radio called France Inter. Three very short stories, between 1 & 2 minutes, won’t take much of your time and will definitely help your French comprehension!


What to do?

For each of the 3 following stories, either click on the title or the picture, and it will take you to the corresponding story on France Inter website. It’s a radio station, so you’ll have to click on the play button to get it going and you’ll find the text on the page too so you can LISTEN & READ AT THE SAME TIME woohoo!

And then, try listening without reading and see how much you can remember! Repeat the exercise as many times as you wish because… repetition is key!


What do they talk about?

Story number 1 / French cuisine super star & business man – 1 minute


Story number 2 / Tom Cruise Mission Impossible in France – 2 minutes


Story number 3 / Serge Gainsbourg & Ford Mustangs – 1 minute

So? What did you think?

How much did you understand?

Which story did you like the best et pourquoi?

If you want to find more links like this (where you can listen and read at the same time + throw yourself in the French language learning experience) just go through the France Inter programs and open the ones that show a very short time length. The 1 hour long program are not written out, that would be way too long, but the very short ones are! Plus it’s nicer for you if they are short!




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Learn how to incorporate frenchness in your every day life with this free 3 step mini course

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