Today it’s all about French Shopping & Fashion.

French Shopping: How to shop in France like a French person?

French Fashion: If you’re near Seattle you must come to our French Fashion & YSL special event at SIFF on Wednesday September 14th 6:30pm


For now, I want to faire du shopping in France!

How do I say I’m looking for something?

What about the size?

How do I ask for trying something on?

What is it doesn’t fit?

And how do I make sure I am not rude?

So many questions… Don’t worry I have the answers.

Vous êtes prêt?

Close your eyes. You’re in France. Let’s say your in Lyon, my home town, and of course you want to faire du shopping to bring back some wonderful original little French gems back home!

First of all remember to be polite and say bonjour monsieur or bonjour madame when you enter a store. We like that! Imagine you are entering someone’s personal space. Obviously in the same spirit au revoir monsieur or au revoir madame upon leaving is a good idea. It’s just nice.

Also, if you try to unfold something, la vendeuse, female sales assistant, will ask you not to. Not because she’s rude. Chances are the cute sweater you are interested in is on a hanger right underneath the one you are trying to unfold. If your size is not on a hanger, then ask la vendeuse for la bonne taille, the correct size.

Two questions you might be asking yourself:

Question 1: What do I tell the sales assistant?

Question 2: What will she tell me?

Let’s have a look. If you want to hear how to pronounce all the French sentences below, watch the video as I am speaking them all.

La vendeuse:

Je peux vous aider? Can I help you?

Vous cherchez quelque chose de particulier? Are you looking for something in particular?


Non merci, je regarde pour l’instant. No thank, I’m just looking for now.

Oui, je cherche une robe longue sans manche. Yes, I’m looking for a sleeveless long dress.

Je peux essayer? Can I try it on?

Vous avez une taille 38? Do you have size 38?

If you’re not a French size expert, don’t worry! Here’s a converter.

La vendeuse:

Vous faites quelle taille? What size are you?


Je fais du 38. I am a 38.

La vendeuse:

Voilà quelques robes en 38. Here are some dresses size 38.

Vous voulez les essayer? Vous voulez les passer? Would you like to try them on?

La robe vous va? Does the dress fit you?


Non elle est trop grande, vous avez un 36? No it’s too big, do you have a 36?

Non elle est trop petite, vous avez un 40? No it’s too small, do you have a 40?

Oui elle me va très bien. Je la prends! Yes it fits very well. I’ll take it!


Et voilà! C’est facile, non?

A lot of info so take advantage of this video, go back and pause it and practice practice practice.

You might have done it in English in the past, which is fine. But here’s a little challenge for you. Next time you’re in France, do it in French!

Screen Shot 2016-08-24 at 8.01.29 PM

Come to our next French Truly Salon at SIFF on Wednesday September 14th 6:30pm

French Fashion, YSL, French Food from La Parisienne, French Wine from J Wines, and French cinema!

Sponsored by wonderful & authentic French businesses of Seattle:

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