Happy Thanksgiving to all my American French Truly friends! And if you’re not American, Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

Since traditionally, today is all about feeling grateful and giving, I thought I would give you a few ways to say both thank you and you’re welcome so you’re not stuck with the usual merci and de rien.

Vous êtes prêt?

If you’re tired of saying the same old merci and de rien, here are a few other options for you!

Imagine. Your neighbor has brought you a little plant for no other reason than to make you happy. Because she knows you love little plants!

What do you tell her?

(Don’t pay attention to the fact that the English translations sometimes sound strange, it is normal for languages not to translate exactly.)

First sayings with merci:

Merci infiniment = I infinitely thank you

Merci mille fois = thank you a thousand times

Un grand merci = a big thank you

How about the verb to thank? That’s remercier. You can say:

Je vous remercie, c’est adorable = I thank you it’s adorable

But you can be even more creative:

C’est vraiment gentil de votre part = It’s really sweet of you

Je suis très reconnaissante = I am very grateful

Ça me touche beaucoup = I am very touched

Ça me fait tellement plaisir = It makes me so happy

Ouh la la mais fallait pas = Oh you shouldn’t have

Note: ouh la la in French is used for everything, it all depends on the tone you give to it. It does not only have a naughty connotation as it does in English.

Now imagine the situation is reversed.

You are bringing a little plant to your neighbor, who is of course very thankful! Here are ways to tell her she is welcome.

De rien = it’s nothing

Il n’y a pas de quoi = it’s not much

Avec plaisir = with pleasure

Tout le plaisir est pour moi = all the pleasure is for me

Je vous en prie = I beg you

c’est tout naturel = it’s only natural


And now for a perfect ending with a quote from my beloved Marcel Proust:

“Soyons reconnaissants aux personnes qui nous donnent du bonheur ; elles sont les charmants jardiniers par qui nos âmes sont fleuries.”

Let us be grateful to the ones who give us happiness; they are the charming gardeners who help our souls bloom.”

Joyeux Thanksgiving à tous!

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