I remember learning English at school in France and always dreading having to ask questions. Why? Because the usual format as a student learning a foreign language is: the teacher asks, the students answers. So as a student when you suddenly have to ask a question, for me it was in English and for you it is now in French, you don’t really know how to do it properly, and you tend to freeze! Not a great way to start a conversation!

But you know that the best way to have a great amazing super duper wonderful experience when you go to France is to CONNECT with the locals! And how are you going to do that if you dread asking questions?? See where I’m going with this?

Bonnes nouvelles! Good news! This episode is going to show you how easy asking a question in French can be. It’s going to give you the structure to help you remember and therefore gain confidence. You’ll wonder why you ever found asking questions in French overwhelming! Don’t believe me? Watch this!

Now if you practice this, it will for ever remove this “Oh God I don’t know how to say it!” dreadful feeling and it will give you the confidence you need for great conversations and connections with us Frenchies! Youpi!!!

French Truly is opening new French Language & Culture groups starting now!

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Here is what we have:

Tuesday 6:30pm to 8pm – intermediate / advanced

Wednesday 11am to 12:30pm – beginner / intermediate

Wednesday 6:30pm to 8pm – beginner

Thursday 10am to 11:30am – beginner

Saturday 10am to 11:30am – advanced

Come learn and practice your French in our small, fun, and intimate groups in Madison Park Seattle! We never go over 5 people so we can speak and connect as much as we want, while drinking and eating healthy organic French snacks!

Click here for more info and sign up

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Learn how to incorporate frenchness in your every day life with this free 3 step mini course

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