Bonne Année à tous! Make this New Year a French one for you!!


I want to help you set your French intentions for 2014:

1-by suggesting a list of fun ways your can incorporate the French language and culture in your everyday life

2-by offering a 30% discount on all French Truly’s services!


Intention numéro 1: Make French a priority

We all have super busy lives but when we really want something and when this something brings happiness in our lives, we know how to make it work. I want to share with you how you can fit French in super fun and non stressful ways into your busy schedule. Don’t worry, you don’t have to go back to school!


Intention numéro 2: Watch French movies

Learning a language without diving into a culture is fairly useless. Yes you can speak with the people but if you don’t understand their values and traditions and vice versa, it won’t get you very far and your experience might not be as fulfilling as it could have been. That is what is so wonderful about watching movies: it’s fun, relaxing, you get to practice your listening skills, you discover new words or expressions and, through the characters, you learn about the French mentality.

Some of the movies I have really enjoyed lately are: Être et Avoir, Van Gogh, 8 Femmes, Le Havre, Molière, Ce que le jour doit à la nuit, La Princesse de Clèves, La Chèvre, La Gloire de mon Père, La vie d’Adèle.

Once a month, French Truly hosts the “French Movie Night” and this is the perfect way to really enjoy and discover the French culture with others who have the same passion as you. You get to enjoy a presentation about the theme of the movie, watch the movie in French, take part in a Q & A session, while eating French cheese and drinking French wine!


Intention numéro 3: Listen to French

In your car, at home, in the shower etc. all these things you do anyway but with an added touch of Frenchness!

You can listen to French radio: France Inter, France Culture, France Musique are my favorites!

RFI have a international news in French! And from there you can also click on “Dernier journal en français facile”. The level of French is easier and the speech is slower.

Et bien-sur la musique française! J’adore these singers: Etienne Daho, Renan Luce, Daphné Carmin, Mylène Farmer, Françoise Hardy, Serge GainsbourgLes InnocentsYelle.


Intention numéro 4: Read in French and about France

Choose authors depending on your level and then have fun! One great tip for beginners is children books! If you are a bit more advanced, there are millions of fabulous French writers that will also teach you a lot of the culture and the history. My favorites at the moment (I always go through phases!) are Colette, Françoise Sagan, Marguerite Duras, Robert Sabatier, Paul Valéry. But you can also read the newspapers or magazines! So many options depending on your mood! Just make sure you have them all to avoid disappointment!


Intention numéro 5: Make French connections

Don’t do this by yourself! Look for people out there who share the same passion for France! What a great way to make new friends who have the francophile bug just like you! Come to French groups, events, workshops. Don’t be shy, get out there. I promise it will bring a whole new dimension into your life!


Intention numéro 6: Plan a trip to France

Now that you’ve got all these skills and confidence under your belt, you are more ready than ever to enjoy France and all its wonders, including the people! French Truly can help you plan your trip depending on your interests and how much time you plan on spending there. Make the most out of your trip by discovering tons of super useful tips!

And if you are looking for the perfect accommodation, I know the perfect people for you! France: Homestyle is a Seattle based company created in 1992 and lead by a group of French and French-American travel professionals dedicated to providing property and villa rental services beyond what is traditionally available.


Et voilà maintenant vous êtes prêts!

2014 is your year to finally become a little bit French!




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