Two weeks ago I told you all about French nonsense: n’importe quoi!

Today we will do all the other and almost similar versions: n’importe qui, n’importe où, n’importe quand, etc. Don’t be fooled though, they are only similar in looks because in reality you will see that they are quite different!

Remember we saw in the French Nonsense part 1 video that n’importe quoi can means a variety of negative statements. The following ones are more straight forward so I am able to put them all in one video for you.

1- N’importe qui = anyone

Elle est tellement naïve, elle ferait confiance à n’importe qui.

She is so naive, she would trust anyone.

2- N’importe où = anywhere

Où veux-tu partir en vacances cette année? N’importe où, je m’en fiche, je veux juste ne rien faire.

Where are you going on vacation this year? Anywhere, I don’t care, I just want to do nothing.

3- N’importe quand = anytime

Tu peux passer chez moi n’importe quand, je suis à la maison toute la journée.

You can come by my place anytime, I am home all day.

4- N’importe comment = in any case & haphazardly

N’importe comment, il faut bien que tu appelles tes parents!

In any case, you’ll have to call your parents.

Cette maison a été construite n’importe comment, il ne faut pas l’acheter!

This house was built haphazardly, you mustn’t buy it!

5- N’importe quel = any as in any old

Je ne veux pas louer n’importe quelle voiture, je veux une Renault Captur.

I don’t want to rent any old car. I want a Renault Captur. It’s my favorite French car right now!

Attention: Quel will be written differently depending on the number and the gender. Quel est masculin singulier, quelle est féminin singulier, quels est masculin pluriel, quelles est féminin pluriel. Same rule applies to the next one…

6- N’importe lequel = whichever one

Quel gâteau préfères-tu commander? N’importe lequel, ils sont tous délicieux.

Which cake would you rather order? Whichever one, they are all delicious.

And just in case you missed French nonsense part 1, here it is! It will show you how to use n’importe quoi:

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