Today you’re going to learn how to simply and correctly express your tastes in French!

I like, I love, I adore, I prefer, I dislike, I hate, I can’t stand, etc. Why? Because there is one thing you need to add when you say it in French and if you don’t, it does sound a little bit silly!

Vous êtes prêt?

Now you want to know? What is this one thing you need to add to avoid sounding silly when you speak of your tastes? Very simple: the definite article. What is a definite article?


In French of course it is a little more complicated because it changes depending on the gender, feminine or masculine, and the number, singular or plural. It looks like this:

La musique = féminin + singulier

Le chocolat = masculin + singulier

L’avarice = voyelle + singulier

Les araignées = pluriel

Allons-y! Let’s go!

When in English you would say I love music, in French you would need to say I love THE music: J’adore la musique! If you say J’adore musique, it’s not a big deal because we still know what you are saying but now you know how to say it properly and so you will!

From the most positive to the most negative:

I love or I adore chocolate = J’adore LE chocolat – don’t forget your LE!

I like spring = J’aime LE printemps

I prefer next week = Je préfère LA semaine prochaine

I appreciate honesty = J’apprécie L’honnêteté

I don’t like cowards = Je n’aime pas LES lâches

I hate sexist men = Je déteste LES hommes sexistes

I can’t stand spiders = Je ne supporte pas LES araignées

So now you have the verbs and the definite articles!


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And stay tuned because next week, I will show you how to pass for French! And it’s going to be another 2 part episode! Twice the fun. 

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