I’m coming to Seattle!

I have more exciting news to share with you!

I am so so so so happy right now because I just bought my ticket to go spend the whole month of February 2019 in my beloved Seattle, which I haven’t seen since I left in September 2017. More than a year ago already! Oh boy, that’s way too long!

Anyway, I’ll be back soon and am already planning some Fabulous French Events in Seattle!

So far, I have 3.


French Truly Salon at SIFF – Valentine’s Day Special Feb 14

French Truly Salon SIFF Seattle Valentine's Day

Have you ever attended a French Truly Salon before? SIFF & I just booked a special Valentine’s Day salon on February 14th 2019!

So come see me at SIFF for an evening of French Love! We’ll begin with a 45 minute keynote presentation (on the above picture, I was presenting the History of French Fashion) followed by a romantic French movie. I will give you more info about both the presentation and the movie as we get closer to February.


French Immersion weekends Feb 9 & 10 + Feb 16 &17

French Immersion course in Seattle

I’m also planning 2 French Immersion Weekends in Seattle!

Feb 9 & 10: For intermediate students

Feb 16 & 17: For beginner students

Because I find small intimate groups much more fun, connected, and efficient, I’m limiting the amount of spots available to 8 per weekend. I’m working on the activities right now so I can’t give you a super precise schedule just yet, but it will for sure include French class, conversation with French people, food, and movie. I’m working on more!

Contact me directly if you’d like to be a part of one of these events!


Watch Kelsey’s and Gary’s testimonials

They are referring to the Immersion Courses I lead in France, not in Seattle, but it will give you an idea of what to expect!



You can also watch more testimonials here.

Oh my God I can’t tell you how excited I am to visualize myself in Seattle with all my beloved friends and students! In 3 months exactly, I’ll be there!

I’ve missed you all so much!

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