A French Idol is Dead

A French Idol is Dead

I opened my emails this morning and saw the article I am adding below (it’s in French so go practice!) Title of the email: “Adieu Johnny!” Farewell Johnny. My heart sank. It’s strange because I’ve never been a fan of Johnny Hallyday. Yet...
Controversial Anti-War French Man

Controversial Anti-War French Man

For those of you who didn’t know it yet, after spending 7 years in England and 7 years in the US, I have moved back to France. I’ll share more about this in the following weeks. So! While I organize my new video setting I decided to remain in the Boris Vian theme...

Test your French Comprehension in 3 minutes

…and 34 seconds. I mean it, sometimes that’s all it takes: 3 minutes and 34 seconds.  Remember last month’s blog post about the uncanny ressemblance between French president Emmanuel Macron and French artist Boris Vian? If not, go see it and come back afterwards...

French Président Macron Alter Ego

Do you know who the French President Macron’s alter ego from the past is? I know I don’t usually do 2 written posts consecutively but I just had to share something with you, something that I realized only a few days ago and that astounded me! You probably know that on...

Meet my French Childhood Crush

Jean-Jacques Goldman started his never ending remarkable career in 1981, only one year before I was born, with a song called Il suffira d’un signe. Next time you’re in France, try asking any French person you meet about this song. I guarantee you they will...

French Prepositions with Gainsbourg

How to practice French prepositions, ask questions, review your imparfait, and learn new geographic terms in only one blog post? That’s easy, just ask Serge Gainsbourg. In 1967, he and Jean-Loup Dabadie write a musical called Anna starring among a few others,...
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