Let’s have fun with a little French argot (slang) today with 8 slang words starting with the letter B!

Remember we covered the letter C a few weeks ago? My plan is to go through every single letter of the alphabet! And don’t ask me why I did not start with A…

Ok, slang may not be the most distinguished of French but it’s amusing plus you’ll truly impress us when you’re able to either understand argot or use it in your own sentences!

(I’m adding only the words and sentences below, watch the video to hear all the extra explanations)


Une bagnole = a car

What is that car parked in front of my garage?

C’est quoi cette bagnole garée devant mon garage?


balaise = strong or difficult

The actors who play in action movies are hefty.

Les acteurs qui jouent dans les films d’action sont balaises.

This book is too hard for me.

Ce livre est trop difficile pour moi.


un bordel = a mess

Don’t go to my office, it’s a total mess.

Ne va pas dans mon bureau, c’est un bordel total.


bosser = to work

I did some good work today, I’m exhausted but happy!

J’ai bien bossé aujourd’hui, je suis crevée mais contente!


un bide = a belly or a flop

With age and beer, he’s getting a pot belly but he doesn’t care.

Avec l’âge et la bière, il prend du bide mais il s’en fiche.

This movie is rubbish and deserves to fail.

Ce film est nul et mérite de faire un bide.


branché = trendy

This magazine provides a list of the trendiest bars in Lyon

Ce magazine donne la liste des bars les plus branchés de Lyon.


un bobo = a small injury

What is that? A little booboo on your little knee?

Qu’est-ce que c’est? Un p’tit bobo sur ton p’tit genou?

Don’t worry it’s a nothing type little scratch.

T’inquiète, c’est juste un petit bobo de rien du tout.


On s’appelle on se fait une bouffe?

How does he stay so slim when he stuffs his face all day long?

Comment il fait pour rester si mince alors qu’il bouffe toute la journée?

Did you know one of these 8 slang words?

And… which one are you going to use today?

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