6 Tips for Easy French Conjugation part 2

When your native language is English, French conjugation is difficult!

Because there’s a lot more to memorize than in English. Every tense is different, every ending is different, sometimes they even look like different words entirely! How frustrating!

So, I have something really good for you that I use with my students that makes French verbs a lot easier. 6 tips that you can learn once and for all and keep reapplying. If you missed last week’s part 1 video, watch it now and then come back to part 2.

Here is last week’s part 1:

And now part 2! Vous êtes prêt?


Remember, there are 3 groups in French conjugation.

The first group, le premier groupe, is for regular verbs ending in ER. For example, aimer = to love.

The second group, le deuxième groupe, is for regular verbs ending in IR. For example, choisir = to choose.

The third group, le troisième groupe, is for all the other verbs, the irregular verbs, the misfits. For example, savoir = to know.

Remember these 3 groups throughout this video, it will help you.

Tip numéro 1, 2, 3 are on last week’s video.

Tip numéro 4

The tenses for futur and conditional look almost similar and follow the same logic. Here is how you build them. Take the complete infinitive. Remove nothing. Then add the relevant endings.

Futur endings: ai, as, a, ons, ez, ont

Conditional endings: ais, ais, ait, ions, iez, aient

I will love. The infinitive is aimer. Add the ending ai. J’aimerai.

I would love. The infinitive is aimer. Add the ending ais. J’aimerais.

They will choose. The infinitive is choisir. Add the ending ont. Ils choisiront.

They would choose. The infinitive is choisir. Add the ending aient. Ils choisiraient.

Note that this tip only applies to verbs from the regular groups, the 1st and the 2nd, not the third.

I will go. The infinitive is aller. J’irai. Doesn’t follow this rule because it’s the third irregular group.

Tip numéro 5

The endings of the imparfait and the conditional are the same.

Exactly the same. ais, ais, ait, ions, iez, aient.

Only of course the root is different but now you only have one set of endings to remember instead of two!

I loved: j’aimais

I would love: j’aimerais

I chose: je choisissais

I would choose: je choisirais

Tip numéro 6

First and second groups are easier to work with because they are regular. Third group is not. S you don’ feel too overwhelmed here is a short list of third group verbs that are very commonly used, in other words, make sure you memorize these because they are all a little funky.

être = to be

avoir = to have

faire = to do

dire = to say

pouvoir = to be able to

aller = to go

voir = to see

savoir = to know

vouloir = to want

venir = to come

falloir = to iahve to

devoir = to have to

croire = to believe

prendre = to take

mettre = to put

tenir = to hold

entendre = to hear

répondre = to rispond

connaître = to know

attendre = to wait

vivre = to live

sortir = to go out

comprendre = to understand

devenir = to become

écrire = to write

I’m adding a link to “le Bescherelle”, the ultimate French Conjugation Bible, where you can enter any of these verbs to obtain the full conjugation.

Make sure to click on the tab called temps composé to see the passé composé.

Et voilà. Now you have your 6 Tips for Easy French Conjugation + the Bescherelle link, I really all this new information will truly help you, take the edge of at least!


Don’t forget!



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