It’s official everyone. Yes. We have now entered Christmas month!

Happy month full of pretty lights and magical decorations and Christmas songs and… silly sweaters.

It’s so cheerful I love it! Buying presents is so much fun, as long as you give yourself enough time to avoid last minute stress.

Let’s have a look at 10 lovely French cadeaux.

Vous êtes prêt?

1- Un livre = a book

A book in French, a book to learn French, a book about France, a book about a French artist, painter, philosopher, writer (go for Proust! Obsessed? Me? Never!) a book about a not yet discovered French region!

2- Un livre en Anglais et en Français = a book in English and in French

So 2 books but the same story. First your friend reads it in English (or whatever her native language is) and then she reads it in French, which will make the experience a lot more pleasant. She’ll achieve something great with being completely overwhelmed.

3- Un DVD français = a French DVD

You can go 3 ways with this: you watch it in French with the English subtitles, in French with the French subtitles, and finally in French with no subtitles! Again, you’ll complete something impressive, while having fun, and without feeling discouraged.

4- Un livre audio en Français = an audio book in French

For those of you who are a little more advanced, that’s a perfect present because now French follows you in the car, on your walks, while you put make up on, or tidy the bedroom. Again to make it more accessible just buy the English version first so the story is not a complete mystery. In the same spirit, you can go for French songs, find the lyrics on the internet, learn them by heart.

5- Un panier gourmand = a basket full of delicious French treats

How do you fill your basket? You buy foie gras, saucisson, marrons glacés, nougats, jams, wine,  whatever you want! It’s your creation!

6- Un concert = a concert

I recently saw Christine and the Queens at the Showbox in Seattle with my French speaking friends and we had the best time plus we met some other French speaking Seattleites, grow your French connection!

7- Une visite de musée = a museum visit

Go see a French exhibit with your friend or your mom or your boyfriend. We’re lucky in Seattle to have YSL’s work around for a few months. See what they have in your city!

8- Un dîner français = a French dinner

But don’t go to your usual French restaurant, try a new one!

9- Un rouge à lèvres français = a French lipstick

Because it’s Christmas, make it special by offering a Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Christian Dior, Lancôme, etc. all these brands we don’t necessarily usually think of because they are a little expensive. And if you have some budget left overs, why not buy the matching nail polish!

Last but not least…

10- Un voyage en France = a trip to France

I personally organize and guide trips to France with my French mother. We make it personable, comfortable, connected, 10 people max, and we take you to our favorite places and our favorite friends. Super local. See for yourself!

Hope this helps! Less than a month ahead of us so let’s be organized with our present buying to avoid the stress and fully enjoy the lovely enchanting magical Christmas spirit!

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