7 Day French Immersion Course

Daily classes & activities ALL IN FRENCH

2019 July 8 – 14: interm. level



“I had a fantastic week with this group!

I thought that all the experiences were really unique and very diverse. I loved the hands-on experiences with the artists, and the makers, and the farmers.

Virginie is a very very patient teacher and really made sure that we were all connected and felt like we were involved and understood everything and I thought that my comprehension after this trip improved tremendously! I feel much more confident now!

I don’t know what else to say it was the trip of a lifetime! I hope I can do lots more like it!”

Rebecca Anderson Lindsay – Seattle USA


How best to improve your French conversation skills than by being in France, surrounded with French culture and French people who will ONLY speak French to you? Yet so many times I have heard visitors express their disappointment at not really being given the chance to practice their French. Why? Because more & more French people, especially in big cities, speak English fairly well and are just so excited to practice their new skills with you! This ends up being nice and comfortable for you but not so satisfying or helpful for improving your French speaking ability!

2019 July 8 to 14: This week is designed for intermediate level students

If you’re unsure about your level, contact me to schedule a free Skype call



This is the reason why I have created this 7 DAY FULL IMMERSION COURSE for you, filled with daily classes & enriching adventures with French people who will only speak French with you. No English! It’s amazing how much you can learn and retain in such a conducive atmosphere in as little as 7 days. Mornings will be dedicated to French language classes and afternoons will be filled with interesting activities such as: visiting local artists or entrepreneurs workshops, meeting with local wine makers and farmers, guided hike in nature, cooking class, painting class, cinema, & museum… all in French!

Daily French language classes & enriching adventures (visit local artists, meet wine makers, cooking class, etc.) with French people… ALL IN FRENCH!

DAY 1: Organic farming in Pélussin

Le Parc Régional du Pilat is located in the Auvergne Rhône Alpes French region. Gorgeous French nature and rich community of 48 typical villages. I will welcome you in Pélussin, one of these villages.

Morning: Petit-déjeuner at the hotel, general introduction, and class.

Lunch: Together at a local organic farm “Le Potager d’Olivier”

Afternoon & evening: Visit “Le Potager d’Olivier”, meet the owners Viviane & Olivier, lunch and dine with them, pick fruits & veggies to make dishes and fresh juices, French games in their wonderful yard.

DAY 2: Wine in Pélussin

Because Pélussin is an adorable & peaceful village, located in the middle of prestigious wineries!

Morning: Petit-déjeuner at the hotel & class.

Lunch: Free or together with suggested options.

Afternoon & evening: Visit local winery with French guide.

DAY 3: Vienne, old Roman Capital

Vienne is a charming roman town where you’ll also enjoy medieval and Renaissance architecture as well as the International Jazz Festival! After taking our breakfast at the hotel, we’ll head there!

Morning: Visit of the nationally renowned musée gallo-romain with our French guide.

Lunch: Free or together at the Bar du Temple (Roman Temple built for the glory of Augustus, first Roman emperor).

Afternoon & evening: exploring the city with French friends (architecture, cute little streets, shopping, lounging at cafés) and soak in “Le Festival du Jazz”

DAY 4: Organic soap workshop & Pétanque

Pélussin is full of exciting entrepreneurs and organic businesses.

Morning: Petit-déjeuner at the hotel & class.

Lunch: Free or together with suggested options.

Afternoon & evening: Visit local soap fabric “La Savonnerie du Pilat”  + meet the owner + make your own soaps and take them home! In the evening we’ll go play à la pétanque with French friends.

DAY 5: Cooking class in farmhouse & Cinéma

Cook with Marie-France in Véranne (village of the Pilat regional park) and meet + discuss French movie with the locals au cinéma!

Morning: Petit-déjeuner at the hotel & class… only this time it’s a cooking class at my friend’s gorgeous farmhouse! My friend Marie-France is a wonderful cook who uses typical foods from local small businesses.

Lunch and afternoon: Let’s eat the result of our class! This is the long relaxing French lunch everyone raves about.

Evening: Pique-nique français at the cinema with locals who all bring something traditional to eat and drink, watch a French movie, discuss the movie for dessert!

DAY 6: Hike in nature & off to Lyon

Le Parc Régional du Pilat is famous for its many gorgeous hikes. You can’t stay in the Pilat and not go for at least one long luxurious hike with a French guide.

Morning: Petit-déjeuner at the hotel & class.

Lunch & afternoon: Let’s pack a picnic from the local farmers coop and explore our natural surroundings!

Evening: Off to Lyon by train & chill night or dinner together.

DAY 7: Au revoir in Lyon

Lyon is the second biggest city of France and is truly rich and lovely. Perfect for our last day together and a potentially great spot for you to spend a few extra days by yourself!

Morning: Petit-déjeuner at my favorite café by the Cathédrale Saint Jean, with croissants from my favorite bakery, followed by gorgeous food & art markets along the river Saône.

Lunch: free or together with suggested options depending on location.

Afternoon & evening: Visit le Vieux-Lyon, the old part of town, where you can enjoy typical lyonnais restaurants, la Cathédrale Saint Jean, the funiculaire taking you all the way up to the Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. From there, you’ll admire the best panoramic view of Lyon, silk workshops, cute cafés, walking along the river, you name it! This can be a free afternoon but we’ll meet one last time for dinner in a traditional bouchon lyonnais to say au revoir!

More Info

The Pilat is great for walking and moving our bodies. Since we’ll be sat pretty much every morning for class, we’ll make up for it the rest of the day by exploring, if the weather allows cycling (don’t worry it’s electric so effort free!), and of course lots of walking! Walking is the finest way to soak in every spark of beauty of the culture and landscapes. We don’t rush, we take the time to appreciate. France has a fantastic public transportation system, which will make going to Vienne and Lyon smooth & easy.

2019 July 8 to 14: This week is designed for intermediate level students

If you’re unsure about your level, contact me to schedule a free Skype call to make sure you’ll fit right in! You can also take advantage of this call to ask me all the questions you may have.



$2,000 covers 7 days for 1 person and includes:
-All classes (language, cooking, painting)
-Me with you all day every day to guide and accompany you
-Suggested activities may vary depending on weather
50% non refundable deposit to book your spot – balance due 2 months prior to the first day of your course

THE $2,000 PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE INSURANCE (cancelation, medical, repatriation, etc…) AIR, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, PUBLIC TRANSPORT. If you want to be able to cancel the trip for whatever reason, please take your own travel insurance.

We need a minimum of 4 people to validate the trip. If you pay the 50% deposit and we don’t meet our minimum of 4 people, it will automatically be refunded to you. Our small group will hold 8 people maximum to keep things intimate, flexible, and connected. You’ll make some wonderful new friends!

Suggested Hotels


Le Cottage
6, rue de la barge
42410 Pélussin


Collège Hôtel
5, place Saint Paul
69005 Lyon


Phénix Hôtel
7, quai de Bondy
69005 Lyon

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