Like a lot of other fine things, Cabaret was born in France!


Who doesn’t know this poster? Well this is how it all started in 1881… In order to combine the enjoyment of art and alcohol, Rodolphe Salis decided to create the first modern cabaret: Le Chat Noir, in Montmartre. For the first time, a nightclub welcomed customers of all backgrounds who could sit at tables with alcoholic drinks and enjoy variety acts on a stage, introduced by a master of ceremonies.





Other major cabarets in Paris are:

-Le Moulin Rouge

-Les Folies Bergères 

-Le Lido 


And now, French Cabaret is coming to Seattle!



“Donner Avec Amour” at the Seattle Four Seasons Hotel, November 14th 2013!

Get Hitched Give Hope are a bunch of fantastique people in the Seattle Wedding Industry who, six years ago, decided to raise money for a great cause! So come and get gorgeous goods for your wedding while giving back!

More info here:





This year, the theme of the night is Art Deco France! GHGH therefore asked me a few months ago to join their team as their French Culture Consultant.


maximilien nye 2013               photo

Not only am I super honored to support GHGH but on top of it all I get to sing French Cabaret songs with the magnifique “Rouge” throughout the evening!

Left: Janet (singer of Rouge)

Right: Virginie (me!)




 If you would like to see more of us, we will also be singing together at the French restaurant Maximilien in downtown Seattle on November 21st.




croq12But let’s get back to our wedding theme… How do the French get married?

 Comme ça! Avec un gâteau géant qui s’appelle un croquembouche. 

Literally translates as crunches in the mouth. Miam miam c’est délicieux! 

The croquembouche was invented in France in the 19th century and consists of choux pastry balls piled into a cone. They all stick together thanks to beaucoup de caramel! 

You will most definitely see one of them at “Donner avec Amour” GHGH’s super swanky event at the Four Seasons on November 14th! 



GHGH’s team is 100% volunteer based. All the money raised will go to:

3DF-logo-200                                     Unknown-2 

www.dreamfoundation.org                                www.youngsurvival.org


Merci beaucoup!


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