7 day immersion trip to France

Join me in my French Home Region of Lyon!
Sept 10-16, 2018

Come with me to Lyon and practice your French non-stop!

Practice your French in this immersion experience, not only with me but with all my friends and family who will only speak to you in French.

Why do I know so many French people in this area? Because that’s where I’m from!

I LOVE IT, I KNOW IT INSIDE OUT and I want to share it all with you!

I and my French helpers will be your guides & friends for 7 days in our beautiful Lyon and its incredible surrounding areas, too often missed by American travelers.

Even though Lyon is the 2nd biggest city of France, it is not an obvious destination and I want to change this! Your trip will also include many of the charming surrounding areas: the Beaujolais wine region, the Roman Vienne, the Medieval Pérouges, the world famous Côtes-Rôties, and the quaint Pilat. That’s where I grew up and that’s where my mother lives.

Lyon is the Capital of Gastronomy
Lyon is the Birth Place of Cinema
Lyon is the home of 2000 years of History
Lyon is the Silk Capital of the World

$ 2895 (Price does not include air)

10 -16 SEPT, 2018



Contact: Virginie Paradis



Lyon is great for walking and it also has a fantastic public transport system making getting around town easy.

About half of our trip will be in and around Lyon utilizing a combination of walking, public transport, and private mini bus when we go out of Lyon. We do love to walk so be ready for this! Walking is the finest way to soak in every spark of beauty of the French culture, ambiance, architecture. We don’t rush, we take the time to appreciate.

The other half of the trip we’ll be exploring the surrounding areas, home to the Beaujolais wine region, the Roman town Vienne where I was born and where my mother lives, the world famous Côtes-Rôties, and the quaint Pilat regional park.

For those activities we’ll be traveling by private mini bus with a professional chauffeur.

Our small group holds 10 people maximum to keep things intimate, flexible, and connected.

Yes, be prepared to make some new wonderful friends!

Lively, authentic, yet calm Lyon neighborhood, the hotel is situated 4 subway stops away from the downtown area to give you all the benefits of the city with the added peace and quiet.

Lagrange City

Apart’hotel Lyon Lumière
81-85 Cours Albert Thomas
69 003 Lyon

Services: Free breakfast. Room service. Laundry Service. Concierge Multillingal staff. Internet Free (Wi-fi)

Meet your French tour guides

Make your immersion tour authentic with me and my French friends & family.

If you have heard of Lyon, 2nd biggest city in France, you have probably never heard of Vienne half an hour south of Lyon. That’s where I was born, spent all of my teenage years, and where my mother still lives. It’s a beautiful little Roman town which still shows it used to be a capital of the Roman Empire, more than 2000 years ago. How? Roman temple, circus, amphitheater, ruins, incredible museum across the river, quite sensational! But that’s not the only place that I love, know by heart, and want to share with you!

I am my usual goofy nerdy self, full of joy and energy, not to mention a logistical organizational master! After studying Business in France I moved to Italy followed by England where I worked in the Luxury and Fashion industry for many years before moving to Seattle in 2010. To begin with, I taught French at the Seattle Community College, the Alliance française, and Rosetta Stone.

Soon after that, French Truly was born, first in my head with the desire to bring you more than just a French class and a text book. Ever since I have had a tremendous amount of fun growing French Truly! As well as the intimate language and culture groups gathered around a friendly table filled with French healthy treats, French Truly has its own TV channel and its own monthly events at Seattle International Film Festival called French Truly Salon that I host. I am a regular speaker at the University of Washington and am on the committee of the French American Chamber of Commerce of Seattle for their monthly event called Le Networking.

I study Philosophy as a distant learner, am addicted to the local gym, and enjoy spending time with my fiancé Josh, my dogs Bruno & Sophie, and my lovely friends!

All communication will be in French although of course in case of an emergency we can make a little exception here and there.

I will share with you my French speaking friends & family, here are a few of them:

My wonderful friend from school Julie who now works in the prestigious Côte-Rôtie winery Stéphane Ogier. She offers us a fantastic visit of the domain followed by a fabulous dégustation.

My mother Marie-France who has been a huge help building my French Truly dream ever since the beginning. She is a committed, fun, and generous hostess that all participants of our tours fall in love with! She knows so much about the history, culture, and traditions of our région lyonnaise and takes great pride in creating a rich & meaningful experience for you.

My mother’s best friend Marie-France, yes another Marie-France it’s not a typo, who lives in a stunning country house built by her husband. She prepares a fabulous lunch and table for us to complete our Pilat national Park unique experience.

Or Catherine and her husband Philippe who own a fabulous silk boutique in the charming pave stone narrow streets of Vieux Lyon, the Renaissance neighborhood of Lyon. Philippe, an Art History Professor, designs stunning magical pieces and shares with us his knowledge of this local heritage. Did you know Lyon was a world capital of high end Silk for 5 centuries?

And many more!

What we offer is truly different. It’s a one of a kind authentic French experience filled with unique magical moments & new friendships. We help you discover France like tourists never will. You will feel like just another local, you will become a little bit French!

Our Trip Includes

Small friendly group of 6 to 10 people

Personalized visit at one of France’s top wineries of Côtes Rôties

Pre-trip gathering in Seattle with your guide Virginie

All group transportation (train, private minibus, metro, bus, tramway, boat + you can use your Lyon transport pass on your free time too)

Pre-trip presentation: How to have a perfect French vacation

Incredible food from the Capital of Gastronomy: all breakfasts, 5 lunches, 2 dinners (alcohol not included)

Full time bilingual guide Virginie, accompanied by French friends & family, who all know the region inside and out since they live there.

Accommodation for 7 days in lovely & typical lyonnais neighborhood with quiet nights guaranteed + available SPA floor for €10/hour

Medical and cancellation insurance

All visits and tours: museums, guided walks around cities and villages, wineries, boat on Lyon’s rivers.

List of fun things you can do during your free time but you can always stay with me who will always remain available for you!

NB: you are responsible for the cost of your drinks, free time sight seeing, and SPA.

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